2024The 18th Shenzhen International Finance Expo
Date:  Nov.21th- Nov.23th      Venue: Shenzhen Convention&Exhibition Center, China

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Wonderful Review: blockchain big coffee, gathered in "2017 Shenzhen Golden Expo -INTECECH Innovation and Development Seminar"!
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Blockchain big coffee, gathered in "2017 Shenzhen Golden Fair - FINTECH Innovation Development Seminar"!

The 11th China (Shenzhen) International Financial Expo opened on November 5. On the afternoon of November 6, "2017FINTECH Innovation and Development Seminar" co-organized by Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, Wall Street Business School, Insight (Shenzhen) Consulting Co., Ltd., Shanghai Qiyao Exhibition Co., Ltd., Held at the Tulip Hall, 6th Floor, Hall 1, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the conference aims to dig out potential problems in the industry, explore future trends and serve the industry better.

The seminar by insightful guest founder Lin Sulan as host, Shenzhen Small and Micro Enterprise Development Association Secretary-General Gao Jiejie welcome speech. He pointed out: If science and technology are the driving force behind economic development, then financial science and technology are the nucleus of economic development because finance is the blood of the economic lifeline. Financial science and technology must be guided by the goal of returning to the essence of the service of finance and promote the financial industry to effectively reduce the capital cost of enterprises and steadfastly serve the real economy, especially for small and micro enterprises.


Jack Westover, Dean of the Wall Street School of Business, delivered a speech on "The Trend of Global Financial Technology Development", pointing out the importance of science and technology finance to the society and the profit distribution between the financial industry and the real industry.


Shenzhen Qianhai Spirit Ding Ming, chairman of financial investment CEO Dong-liang on the "digital assets of the future and development" to share. Review the history, understand the nature of money, and define the current digital assets in combination with the current technological development. The emphasis is on the blockchain technology, emphasizing that in the era of blockchain, the value of the protocol layer exceeds the application layer and We describe the future of the digital economy.

Mr. Lee Willson, world famous influential person in blockchain industry, bitcoin ambassador and permanent chairman of World Blockchain Foundation, also made a low profile appearance at this seminar. He pointed out the differences, innovations and developments in the heavy industry era, the Internet age and the emerging new financial model based on blockchain; and from his own international perspective, he shared the upcoming blockchain-based enchantment digital economy ecology. A can not look back, can not stop, not slow down the trend.

Blockbuster community well-known operations director Li Ge on the blockchain-based model of community-based economic governance proposed that the blockchain to change the world is not just its technology, but also behind it open and open, collaborative and motivating block Chain spirit, and its continuous development and innovation mechanism. How to let everyone create and share the greatest value in the resources and resources they have in their respective limited time and space is the direction and driving force for the innovation and development of the future blockchain. As one of the initiators of BITARK COMMUNITY, Li Ge pointed out that this is also the vision of BITARKCOMMUNITY. He hopes that in the internationalized wave of blockchain, ordinary people can participate in the ecological construction of the blockchain to create value and share value.

At the last roundtable session, Lee Willson, Permanent Chairman of World Blockchain Foundation, Vice President of China Dog Dump Foundation, Zhou Zhaohui, Distinguished Lecturer of DACA & Tsinghua University, CEO Dongsheng Ding, CEO of Sheng Ding Dingming, Li Xiong, a medium-sized blockchain mediaman, Xiaopeng Xia, Jack Westover, Dean of the Wall Street School of Business, held a lively discussion on the theme of "Financial Shape in the Digital Economy." The distinguished guests shared their differences in the financial environment before and after the emergence of digital assets, and then discussed the impact of the current traditional pattern and the future development direction through the intermediation of the new distributed financial model and its mechanism.

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