2024The 18th Shenzhen International Finance Expo
Date:  Nov.21th- Nov.23th      Venue: Shenzhen Convention&Exhibition Center, China

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Shenzhen convention and exhibition center exhibition, conference, business, catering, entertainment, etc at an organic whole, invested by shenzhen municipal government, entrust the shenzhen convention and exhibition center management co., LTD., officially put into use in 2004. Since the opening of the museum in 2004, there have been about 100 exhibitions held every year at the shenzhen convention and exhibition center. More than 1,800 meetings have been held and the annual exhibition area exceeds 2.8 million square meters.
Shenzhen convention and exhibition center is located in the city, is one of the largest single building in shenzhen city, covers an area of 220000 square meters, a total construction area of 280000 square meters, 540 meters long from east, north and south 282 meters wide, the top up to 60 meters above the ground, the ground six floors, underground 2 floors, steel structure and curtain wall, glass dome perfect combination, the night under the lamplight ornament, exquisitely carved, has a reputation of "crystal palace".
The layout of the exhibition, conference and service functions is independent and closely coordinated. The exhibition hall is a "U", with an indoor exhibition area of 105,000 square meters and a large exhibition of 5000 international standard booths. The conference center is suspended above the pavilion and has 35 meeting rooms, with excellent functions and different sizes. It can also be used as a high-end catering venue. The main channel of the secondary service area is 480 meters long, which runs through the things. It is issued and centralized to provide various exhibition supporting services.
Shenzhen convention and exhibition center has advanced facilities and complete facilities. It is an ideal choice for various exhibitions, conferences, meetings, ceremonies, ceremonies and performances.
The central of
Located in the central business district of shenzhen (CBD), it is one of the landmark buildings of CBD in shenzhen.
Located at the south end of the central axis of shenzhen city, it is echoing with the municipal government of the city.
Convenient transportation
The south adjacent binhe expressway, to the ports, ports and highways; A 15-minute drive from the railway station is an eight-minute drive from futian, a 30-minute drive from the shenzhen airport, only a five-minute drive from the two ports of futian and huanggang.
The exhibition center is adjacent to the subway line 11 (direct to the airport), where the subway line 1 and 4 will meet, and the underground municipal channel can reach the central part of the pavilion, which is about 150 meters away from the ground. The subway can reach the north China business circle, the world window and other tourist attractions, railway stations, ports, airports and other places. There are more than 20 bus routes through the exhibition center.
Peripheral facilities improvement
Surrounded by hotels, there are more than a dozen star-rated hotels within 5-15 minutes walking distance.
Adjacent to several large commercial plaza, enjoy shopping, leisure and food.

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