2018 The 12th Shenzhen International Finance Expo
Date: Nov.5th- Nov.7th      Venue: Shenzhen Convention&Exhibition Center, China

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1. Bank exhibition area:
-- domestic and foreign asset classes, intermediary business classes, bank CARDS, foreign exchange business and other banking institutions;
2. Securities, funds, futures and insurance exhibition areas:
-- securities companies, trust companies, public funds, private equity firms, futures brokerage firms, life insurance, property insurance, insurance intermediaries, etc.
3. International exhibition area:
-- foreign exchange dealers, agents, foreign exchange Banks, foreign exchange brokers, foreign exchange platform builders; Technical solution company, documentary company, etc.;
Binary options, liquidity providers, signal strategy providers;
4. Technology finance exhibition area:
Financial ecosystem - platform, online financial supermarket, cast of P2P, third-party payment, intelligent, high and new technology enterprise, security authentication technology development, and the trading system, the data inquiry, block chain technology, asset disposal, third-party depository services, electronic evidence contract signature payment services, legal services, network, marketing, brand planning, third-party services, rating agencies, the raise, auto financial institutions, etc.;
5. Gold finance exhibition area:
-- gold, jewelry Internet financial platform, precious metals investment, property right investment, etc.
6. Supply chain finance and industrial finance exhibition area:
-- supply chain platform, logistics, supply chain financial solution provider, provincial and municipal finance industry town, industrial complex, industrial incubator platform, etc.
7. Guarantee and microloan exhibition area:
- guarantee institutions, small loan companies, etc.;
8. Financial technology and equipment exhibition area:
- the world's leading information technology group, vendors, bank self-service equipment, financial IC card industry at home and abroad, pay for enterprises, the RFID industry and the Internet of things application of the latest technology products in the financial sector, financial security products and equipment, software, system within the financial sector, office automation, technical support and other services of professional companies, financial tools and accessories.

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