2024The 18th Shenzhen International Finance Expo
Date:  Nov.21th- Nov.23th      Venue: Shenzhen Convention&Exhibition Center, China

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The 11th Shenzhen International Financial Expo opened, the first financial technology exhibition
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November 5, 2017 The 11th Shenzhen International Financial Expo (the "Golden Expo") opened on the 5th in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this year's Golden Expo is "Financial Steady Development, Serving the Real Economy" For the first time, a science and technology finance exhibition has been set up to showcase new achievements and directions in the integration of science and technology with finance.

著名城市规划设计师陈可石教授在第三届中国(深圳)金融管理论坛演讲 郑小红 摄
Professor Chen Ke Shi, a famous urban planning designer, gave a speech at the 3rd China (Shenzhen) Financial Management Forum
        The exhibition covers an area of 30,000 square meters this year, hundreds of financial institutions, nearly a thousand entrepreneurs to participate in this exhibition, 5 to 7 during the exhibition, will hold all kinds of professional forums and matchmaking more than 20 games . Exhibition set international, banks, securities, funds, futures booths, insurance, security and small loans, science and technology financial exhibition, gold finance, industrial finance, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area, integrated finance eight themes section.

展会上展出的黄金制品 郑小红 摄
Exhibition of gold products on display
        For the first time, the Technology Finance Pavilion was set up. Tencent also participated in the Shenzhen Gold Expo for the first time and became the most typical representative of financial science and technology. The exhibition area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay shows the financial interaction among "9 + 2" cities in the Bay Area.
        The international pavilion attracted participants from financial institutions, industry organizations and enterprises in Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Israel, Malaysia and Hong Kong and other countries and regions to highlight overseas financial institutions, overseas investment projects and related supporting services.


The 11th Shenzhen International Financial Expo opens in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center
       More than 20 summit forums were held one after another during the Gold Fair, focusing on various issues of focus in the development of the financial industry. These include the 3rd China (Shenzhen) Financial Management Forum with the theme of finance technology and the driving force of the Bay Area, the 8th Shenzhen Capital Capital Innovation Forum held in Shenzhen Capital Market Innovation Annual Meeting, Forum "and so on, Shenzhen SME business growth index will be released in the forum. The World Federation of SMEs will also announce the establishment of the International Paper Trading Center (Xi'an) Preparatory Committee during this period.
      In view of the common social network and telecommunication financial fraud, the Golden Fair specially invited Shenzhen Police to hold a seminar entitled "Common Information Fraudulent Practices and Points to Prevent", and to popularize the knowledge of preventing financial fraud in the public. At the same time, there will be more lectures on rational financial management. Financial institutions will publicize the financial safety to the public participating in the exhibition through such means as the financial security promotion exhibition and the financial security lecture, and raise the level of financial risk prevention of financial institutions. (Finish)

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