2024The 18th Shenzhen International Finance Expo
Date:  Nov.21th- Nov.23th      Venue: Shenzhen Convention&Exhibition Center, China

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Ping an science and technology robot made its appearance in 2016 shenzhen gold fair
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Ping an science and technology robot made its debut in 2016 shenzhen gold fair

November 5-7, the 10th China (shenzhen) international financial exposition (hereinafter referred to as: gold expo) in shenzhen convention and exhibition center hall 1, ping an association for science and technology as a shenzhen Internet financial unit to be invited to the event, with shenzhen association of Internet financial building booths, ping an entity of science and technology Dr Robot products - Ann first public appearance.

Deputy mayor of shenzhen, ai xueyeng, to the booth guide work

During the expo, the gold peace technology with numerous products exhibition, with high and new technology products, financial solutions and cloud services three categories for the spindle, for the financial industry with different latitude and product solutions. At the same time, in order to let the user to be able to feel safe at the forefront of technology, booth, add can interact with the audience entity Dr Robot products - Ann, the product type in peace independent research and development of the mobile robot hardware as the carrier, based on a vast amounts of data accumulation and peace of the world's leading intelligent engine, set all interconnected, in a big data and artificial intelligence, and is committed to be the financial industry, "universal" employees, help industries such as banking, insurance, investment to build a new generation of high-tech, the show many in the audience to experience the power of robot products.

Ping an robot introduced the business to the live audience

In addition to the safe robots, ping an technology has also brought a wealth of products to its financial solutions and cloud services. Financial solutions, through the Internet safe financial open platform, bar and contact YunSanDa products, for the financial account management, enterprise call center and customer service center, and other areas of the enterprise service provides professional solutions. And in the cloud services, it is based on flat AnYun, provides including capital cloud cloud, hui bao, credit and investment products such as cloud, help financial companies in the enterprise financial cloud, fund collection, credit, insurance sales to provide excellent services and investment, etc.

It is understood that the exhibition of products are made by ping an independent development of science and technology, and based on its services in nearly 10 years to the group's financial business experience and accumulation, all products have been in the group internal validation after a great deal of practical experience. At the same time, relying on the rich resources of pingan group, ping an technology is trying to provide more and more perfect technology services for the group and the whole industry with the Internet + integrated finance as the carrier.

Since 2016, ping an has been implementing the company's 3.0 strategy, striving to create an "open platform" and "open market", and build an entire industry ecosystem. And the many products introduced at the golden fair are an attempt to build a financial industry ecosystem. In the next few years, science and technology will always adhere to the "science and technology leading the financial" road to move on "mobile Internet", "cloud", "big data" three direction, makes every effort to build the advanced IT organizations, strengthening the infrastructure support the core business, hand in hand peace business companies and the industry innovation, lead to explore new Internet business model.

Ping an technology

Ping an technology was founded in 2008 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of ping an group. Headquartered in shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, chengdu, nanjing and xi 'an, the company has more than 4,000 professional IT professionals and IT management experts. The establishment of ping an technology is one of the milestone events of ping an group in the IT field, which marks the progress of China's security in the field of IT specialization and opens the exploration mode of "technology leading finance".

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