2024The 18th Shenzhen International Finance Expo
Date:  Nov.21th- Nov.23th      Venue: Shenzhen Convention&Exhibition Center, China

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A peak conversation in the financial world
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(original title: the 2nd China international investment BBS shenzhen)

Second China international investment BBS.

November 5, epicenter wide net shenzhen news (reporter yu) BBS "2016 the second China international investment and the new financial cooperation dialogue", shenzhen and Hong Kong on November 5, was held on the morning of day to Marco Polo hotel in shenzhen. Shenzhen municipal government deputy secretary-general Ma Boyin and shenzhen financial inspector XiaoZhiGu, bank of China group insurance company limited chairman and President xiao-ping zeng, red hill throws the chairman shi-ping zhou, Xie Yonglin pingan bank chairman, the chairman of the federation of Hong Kong international investment yanqing, honorary President of shenzhen financial chamber of commerce, everbright make tube company chairman jiang yuan in Hong Kong, shenzhen financial chamber of commerce executive director, one capital group chairman of the board Zhu Xueying, Hong Kong credit financial group chairman zhu believed the entourage of high-level, shenzhen and Hong Kong financial companies such as represents more than 300 people attended the meeting.

It is understood that the theme of BBS is "connectivity, interoperability and mutual trust", which aims to construct a new financial ecosystem in shenzhen port and promote the new heights of financial cooperation between the two countries. The participants held dialogues on issues such as the new financial cooperation in Hong Kong, the PPP investment opportunities and challenges in the supply-side reform, the development and application of digital inclusive finance and blockchain technology. On BBS, the two financial entrepreneurs of shenzhen and Hong Kong are in a collision, and the speech is excellent. In addition, as the mainland and Hong Kong's financial investment institutions and financial capitalists exchanges and cooperation platform, by the Hong Kong international investment association, shenzhen Internet financial association and jointly sponsored by the shenzhen financial chamber of commerce "China (Hong Kong) financial capitalists alliance" also officially launched.

Second China international investment BBS and shenzhen new financial cooperation dialogue.

Shenzhen will reduce the barriers to entry for financial institutions in Hong Kong

Shenzhen municipal government deputy secretary-general Ma Boyin in BBS speech said that building a deep port of finance and investment from all walks of life free dialogue open platform, will be conducive to the financial sector depth fusion, to join hands in advancing the construction of offshore RMB centre, at the same time for the national level of major financial reform and innovation to explore a new path. Ma Boyin said, well depth and Hong Kong financial cooperation, at present, the deep and Hong Kong has established clear the payment and settlement of interconnected channels, amount of cross-border yuan trade settlement in Hong Kong to deal with in shenzhen in the lead; Nearly 50 hong kong-invested financial institutions to shenzhen are the top cities in the mainland. In particular, the former sea serves as a national strategic platform for Hong Kong, a hub and bridge for Hong Kong's financial sector to connect to the mainland market.

In the new financial cooperation, Ma Boyin pointed out that the deep and Hong Kong can be based on their respective advantages to carry out in-depth cooperation, Hong Kong can play in line with the international legal and regulatory system, rich financial products and the advantages of the risk management talent pool, combined with the high quality resources of science and technology in shenzhen, the innovation of the active atmosphere, rich application scenarios and the broad market capacity, the depth of the communication, co-creation.

Ma Boyin, said the next step, the shenzhen municipal government will continue to create conditions to promote the deep and Hong Kong finance to establish normal, long-term mechanism of coordination and communication, to promote both financial integration development; We will deepen and implement the CEPA framework and strive to properly reduce the entry requirements for the establishment of branches and financial services of Hong Kong's financial institutions, and improve the system of financial institutions in Hong Kong and Hong Kong; Grasp "hong tong" opened an opportunity to further promote the Hong Kong capital market mutual melting each other at every level, expanding the scope of use, promote financial elements and resources in the deep port market take the lead to achieve the full flow and flexible configuration.

Financial capital to build shenzhen Hong Kong entrepreneurship innovation center

Sheng bin, a consultant of shenzhen Internet finance association and a former deputy secretary-general of shenzhen municipal government, explained the financial cooperation of shenzhen-hong kong in three key words: "cross-border, integrated and innovative" on BBS. Mr Sheng said that four "cross-border two-way" channels had been opened between Hong Kong and shenzhen to form a business system of foreign currency, bonds, full access and extensive coverage. Currently, about 15 securities fund futures companies in shenzhen have established subsidiaries in Hong Kong, and nine Hong Kong stock futures operating institutions have established a deep representative office. There are more than 50 hong kong-invested bank operating institutions in shenzhen. The main indicators of the size of the assets of hong kong-invested Banks, the amount of deposits and the after-tax net profit are 70% of the foreign Banks in shenzhen. The securities and futures commission, a joint venture between HSBC and former haijin, bank of east Asia and qianhai, has been submitted to the CSRC for approval.

ChengBin said, Banks, securities, and other traditional financial industry to take advantage of chain blocks, artificial intelligence technology, such as financial new technologies to reduce operating costs and improve the user experience, optimization of risk management, develop new business. Venture investment is an important capital promote the entrepreneurship has innovation strength, deep port can further cooperate, plenty of both entrepreneurial youth talent resources, convenient information, investment and financing resources, to promote science and technology entrepreneurship, business culture, green business, social entrepreneurship, promote deep port to become the world's important business innovation center.

The financial investor union was founded by the guests.

"China (shenzhen) financial investor union" officially launched

The "China (shenzhen) financial investor union", founded by the Hong Kong international investment association, shenzhen Internet finance association and shenzhen financial chamber of commerce, held a launch ceremony on BBS. It is understood that the alliance will work to make the mainland and Hong Kong's financial investment institutions and financial capitalists interaction, exchange and cooperation platform, play the role of the mainland and the Hong Kong government, business, promote the development of the financial investment of the two.

"China (Hong Kong) financial capitalists coalition" will be carrying out a series of work, including provide forward-looking strategic research to international financial investment market, the study of the theory of the deep and Hong Kong financial investment cooperation. Regularly hold the cooperation salon of financial investment institutions of shenzhen and Hong Kong; "China international investment BBS" is regularly held every year to build an entrepreneurial platform; To build the brand image of financial investment institutions in shenzhen and Hong Kong; Founding the annual meeting of Chinese international financial investors. Accelerate the formation of new financial innovation circle in shenzhen.

It is reported, "the second China international investment BBS and the new financial cooperation dialogue", shenzhen and Hong Kong by the Hong Kong international investment association, shenzhen Internet finance association, shenzhen financial chamber of commerce, by the shenzhen airport media co., LTD., to undertake, deep financial international association of Hong Kong and Macao, China entrepreneurs association, China international chamber of commerce committee, shenzhen radio, film and television group, entrepreneurs salon, the asia-pacific economic leaders association, shenzhen financiers club, shenzhen sharing financial institute, shenzhen sea before institutions such as the joint sponsor enterprise service co., LTD.

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