2024The 18th Shenzhen International Finance Expo
Date:  Nov.21th- Nov.23th      Venue: Shenzhen Convention&Exhibition Center, China

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Ping An Securities Investor Education Base Enters the 17th SZIFExpo
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The 17th Shenzhen International Financial Expo (referred to as the Golden Expo), jointly organized by the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Local Financial Supervision and Administration, the Shenzhen Branch of the People's Bank of China, the Shenzhen Regulatory Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision, the Shenzhen Regulatory Bureau of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, was grandly opened on December 16, 2023 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Throughout history, the Golden Expo has been an important window for showcasing the achievements of Shenzhen's financial reform, innovation, and development to the outside world, focusing on showcasing advanced cases and achievements in various fields of finance.

The theme of this year's Gold Expo is "Consolidating New Financial Momentum and Empowering High Quality Development". Shenzhen is an important part of China's securities market, which attracts the attention of many investors with its unique advantages and characteristics. As a financial service enterprise, Ping An Securities is one of the exhibitors, showcasing financial highlights through multiple forms, all-round, and three-dimensional means. By setting up consultation desks and investment education background walls, hanging promotional banners, displaying promotional banners with the theme of "comprehensive registration system", distributing promotional brochures, investment education books and gifts, showcasing a series of excellent video works such as "Hello Registration System" and "ETF Knowledge", participating in investment education satisfaction surveys, and other forms, we fully showcase the achievements of Ping An Securities investor education to all sectors of society.

At the same time, Ping An Securities also added a fun and innovative segment for youth financial education at the Golden International Fair, integrating education with entertainment. Through various forms such as stamping in and out, asking and answering questions, and on-site interaction, it has attracted a lot of attention and high enthusiasm for public participation, including participation from primary and secondary school students. By combining education with entertainment, engaging in fun interactions, and being easy to understand, we effectively integrate investor education into public life, bringing professional financial knowledge to the general public, guiding investors to invest rationally, and receiving unanimous praise with laughter on site.

Many on-site consultation questions revolve around trading rules and the characteristics of Ping An Securities. In terms of trading rules, the focus is mainly on knowledge consultation on "registration system" and "ETF type"; in terms of Ping An Securities' characteristics, investors are more concerned about customer service and brand advantages, the convenience of using trading software, and transaction rates. On site investment education staff patiently answer investor questions one by one, focusing on special explanations of investor concerns and paying attention to customer needs. At the same time, in response to the requirements of the China Securities Association's "Preventing Fraud Activities in the Name of Counterfeiting Securities Companies" special promotion month, they explain the relevant characteristics and identification and prevention methods of illegal securities to investors on site, guide them to invest rationally, prevent fraud, improve risk identification ability, and become shrewd financial consumers.

In recent years, Ping An Securities has taken the initiative to innovate and seek change, and its businesses have achieved steady development. Based on advanced financial technology, relying on the industry-leading Internet platform and efficient offline business network, using a large personal customer base, and relying on its strong strength in asset acquisition and product manufacturing, Ping An Securities has provided customers with comprehensive financial products and services including Internet wealth management, corporate and institutional securities services, and investment management, and built an intelligent securities service platform under Ping An's comprehensive financial strategy. At the consultation site, investment and education staff actively demonstrated the characteristics and advantages of Ping An Securities to customers, demonstrating the technological empowerment and 7 * 24 hour characteristic services of Ping An Securities trading software, which was highly praised by on-site investors.

Ping An Securities has always adhered to the service philosophy of "saving money, worry, and effort", committed to providing warm financial services to investors. Ping An Securities Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch Investor Education Base has been hosting the Golden Expo for five years, actively promoting company culture and promoting investment and education knowledge, integrating education with entertainment, and helping finance soar. The hard work has been highly recognized by the entire audience and the organizers, and has once again been recognized as an excellent exhibiting institution.

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