2024The 18th Shenzhen International Finance Expo
Date:  Nov.21th- Nov.23th      Venue: Shenzhen Convention&Exhibition Center, China

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The 20th China Financial Development Forum was held successfully
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The 20th China Financial Development Forum was held successfully
The 20th China Financial Development Forum was successfully held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from November 4 to 5, 2019. Leaders from financial institutions, science and technology enterprises and industry experts delivered speeches. The academic atmosphere of the forum was strong, and the audience responded warmly.

Forum agenda

Morning of November 4


Science and technology help innovation and opening up, promote reform, development and benefit people's livelihood


Zhang Yongfu, general manager of China Financial Electronic Corporation

Wang Jie, director of China Financial Electronic Corporation

Speakers and topics:

Zhang Bin, CEO of Ping An Bank

Digital transformation practice of Ping An Bank

Hou Jinlong, President of Huawei cloud & AI products and services

Kunpengzhan, shengtengwanli, create a new era of financial science and technology

Yu Yifang, senior vice president of ZTE

New driving force of financial new engine industry: Taking stable commercial database as the core, driving the maturity and perfection of ecological system

Hu Leijun, vice president of Inspur Group

Smart computing, enabling financial technology innovation

Wang Yiqiu, deputy general manager of Shanghai Industrial Research Institute of China Mobile Communication Group Co., Ltd

5g helps financial innovation

Afternoon of November 4


Digital driven and open innovation cooperation


Huang Ying, Secretary General of Shenzhen Committee for the promotion of international trade

Speakers and topics:

Zhang Yan, deputy general manager of Financial Technology Department of industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Smart transformation, innovation and empowerment

British Consul General in Guangzhou he Songya

keynote speech

Zheng Yigang, President of SPD Silicon Valley Bank Shenzhen Branch
Financial support for scientific and technological innovation

Qi Xiaolong, director of ant financial services
Mobile financial technology helps the transformation and upgrading of financial institutions in the new era
Gao Qian, CEO of keworth commercial robot Co., Ltd. and vice general manager of keworth group

Help financial innovation and empower smart Hall

Beijing Kelan Software System Co., Ltd

Wei Xiang, deputy general manager

Practice sharing of smart bank based on Digitalization

Bart Lars, chief Innovation Officer and member of the board of directors of Greenhill

Using data driven financing model to promote economic development

Zhai Mo, director, development operations, mainland China and Hong Kong, oaknorth

Redefining SME credit market with leading technology

Ye Qingqing, director of Ebury Greater China

Help enterprises to go international and expand without borders

William Bai, senior consultant of FNZ

Realizing economic wealth inclusiveness of Dawan district through financial innovation and ecosystem

On the morning of November 5


Building a new financial future of opening up, new ecology and win-win situation

Yan pangyong, Secretary General of Huawei Financial Open Innovation Alliance

Speakers and topics:

Chen Liwu, deputy director of science and Technology Department of the people's Bank of China


General manager of Huawei EBG China financial business department

Wei Ming Liu

Leading digitalization and jointly building financial opening and innovation

Liu Aihui, director of China Construction Bank Test Center

New technology, new strategy and new ecology

Tian Yongjiang, manager of data center application and Database Management Office of head office of China Merchants Bank

Distributed database innovation practice of China Merchants Bank

Yan Bing, general manager of Yuncong Technology Finance Industry Department

Cloud lead's new vision: the application of artificial intelligence in financial field

Gong Zhi, vice president of Lvmeng Technology

Identification and management of robot traffic

President and chief scientist of Longxin Zhongke Technology Co., Ltd

Hu Wei Wu

Independent CPU development path

Zhao Wei, vice president of Digital China Rongxin Software Co., Ltd

Shenzhou Information & Huawei bank key business system application innovation joint scheme

Wei Feng, director and executive vice president of Shenzhen Changliang Technology Co., Ltd

Application and innovation practice of Changliang technology and financial information technology

CEO of Beijing Huasheng Xintai Data Technology Co., Ltd

Du Guo Wang

Huawei Kunpeng and Huasheng Xintai build a high-performance and reliable integrated message transmission machine

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