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China (shenzhen) financial management BBS was successfully held
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The second China (shenzhen) financial management BBS was successfully held

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China economic herald net, China development network (kuo-tai Chen Mao Zhiliang article/photo) on November 5, sponsored by the China (shenzhen) international financial expo organizing committee, the MDC shenzhen committee and shenzhen deep sea before financial management group shares jointly undertake the 2nd China (shenzhen) financial management BBS successfully held at shenzhen convention &exhibition centre. , vice chairman of the standing committee of the 11th National People's Congress, former chairman of the central zhou tienong, shenzhen municipal people's political consultative conference, the MDC, vice President of shenzhen municipal party committee chair of the Lebanese army, before the full-time vice chairman of China banking association, deputy secretary-general of China's financial and Yang ping, the CPPCC national committee, vice chairman of the shenzhen city people's political consultative conference Zhong Xiaoyu, shenzhen deep before the melting sea before financial management corporation group chairman, MDC branch chairman Ceng Bo, Ye Jiande, director of the China council for the promotion of international trade shenzhen committee, deputy secretary of municipal party committee united front work department of the communist party of China shenzhen Tang Xiangqun, shenzhen federation of full-time vice chairman Wang Yinqi leadership to attend this BBS, such as the well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad to BBS as a keynote speech. The popular around China's financial sector "financial + technology" the innovation idea, dozens of intelligent robots, shown as the key field from interaction, thousands of fellow guests Shared the financial feast.


Zhou tienong has opened the BBS card for China (shenzhen) financial management

Zhou tiong was at BBS

BBS in China's financial management is in much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning under the background of advocating harmony and innovation, guide as the main line with the market, and the deepening of financial innovation and industry self-discipline, surrounding the industry knowledge to discuss the hot topics, such as the industry elite sharing industry resources, to build international financial service standards for the purpose, is held once a year, "" China's financial management division (QFA) training programs to the ground at the same time. Through the theory and learning of the link, the expert opinions should be Shared after the meeting, the innovation case will be promoted BBS, and the establishment and implementation of the Chinese financial services standards will lay a solid foundation.

This BBS, focusing on the cross-border finance, offshore financial grasps the theme of "open, honest, convergence", we sincerely invite experts and scholars for industry development, industry hotspot, frontier issues in the field of financial management makes deep analysis and explanation; All the way at the same time around the "area", "free trade area financial discipline and regulation", the financial sector two-way open, green + + financial industry, such as hot topic, combines the actual conditions of shenzhen financial industry development strategy, strive for development of regional finance, the financial industry, international exchanges and cooperation and innovation, cross-border cooperation play a positive role in promoting.


Lebanese army made a speech

The robot came in to check in

At the opening ceremony of the BBS, Mr. Zeng first presented the 10 top financial management students with the hope that they will continue to contribute to the development of the industry. Ms li gave a high assessment of BBS. She said that the holding of BBS, China's financial management, has been instrumental in promoting innovation and cross-boundary cooperation in shenzhen's financial sector. In order to promote the Chinese dream and the shenzhen model to fit, to build an international financial cooperation platform to make positive contributions.



The scene photos

Guest speaker fan weiqiang interacts with the audience

The guest to ask questions

As the first speaker, professor ouyang hui from the cheung kong school of business has brought "China's financial market: risk and opportunity" to the guests, and the audience has reacted with great intensity and frequent interaction. The Asian development bank chief consultant, deputy director of the national climate center, senior engineer Mr Lu to the Asian development bank in green practices and cases in the field of financial, to show the green in the field of financial prospects and development. Professor of economics at Beijing institute of technology, Chinese society for the study of the economic system reform "of China's reform 20 people BBS" members of Mr Hu xingdou to from illegal fund-raising and property protection, legal financial talk.

Industry leader, the domestic famous economic observers, social critic Mr ZhongDaJun bring China's financial and monetary policy, the content involves the exchange rate, currency regulation, debt, financial performance, etc. Dong yun, deputy secretary-general of the institute of finance of the Chinese academy of social sciences and deputy secretary-general of the payment and clearing research center, subsequently opened the book on China's financial reform and credit collection system in the 13th five-year plan period. Finance PhD, senior economist, shenzhen luohu district CPPCC member, shenzhen youth committee Mr Fan Weijiang make the financial management under the new financial issues, to build a scholar, wealth management specialists, asset management, head of communication platform. Associate professor of finance at Peking University HSBC school of business, the China banking association, chief economist ba shusong Mr Published a theme for the connectivity to accelerate the development of "common market" : from "Shanghai tong" to "hong tong", "speech, he thinks that financial development needs to go on the way of inheritance and innovation, work together for the future. Before the full-time vice chairman of China banking association, the China banking regulatory commission policies and regulations of Mr Yang Zaiping summary statement: "the second China (shenzhen) BBS very successful financial management, provides us with rich and colorful financial ideas and knowledge."

Successfully held for the current BBS, reveals the diversity of China's financial management and the development and diversity, to promote the healthy development of the financial sector, to prevent financial risks and achieve the standardization of the financial services products, standardization, promote the financial industry of competitiveness, will play an important role.

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